Unit Trust Wholesale Fund

The unit trust forms a tripartite relationship between the Management Company as the Manager, the Trustee as an independent body and the unit holders. Pacific Trustees acts as the custodian of the fund assets and ensures that the unit trust is managed according to the guidelines on Unit Trust Funds and in accordance with the terms and conditions stipulated in the Trust Deed to minimise the risk of mismanagement by the fund manager.

The trustee, therefore, must act to ensure that the management company adheres strictly to the provisions of the deed, particularly with regard to the creation and cancellation of units, the exercise of investments powers of the fund, collection and distribution of income, proper record keeping of administrative, investment and unit holders’ transactions, and in upholding unit holders’ interests.

Trustee Management System

Our inhouse Trustee Management System, which is backed and supported by our IT Department, covers system security, back-up, access, troubleshooting and retrieval of information. The system performs day-to-day operations to cater to and manage the needs of the Unit Trust accounts which include.

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