Digital Assets

The emergence of digital assets has invariably caught the attention of investors worldwide. However, the novelty of digital assets brings with it unique considerations that investors must take into account before taking the plunge. Key among them are security-related concerns given that digital assets are riskier than other classes of assets as they are vulnerable to hackers and also more difficult to recover.


Come talk to us on how to mitigate these security risks. With our wealth of experience as custodian of a variety of assets, we can help you find the right solutions to venture into digital asset investments with absolute peace of mind.

Our clients include:

  • Hitachi eBworx Sdn Bhd – Escrow Agent for Source Code

  • AFF Hospitality Ventures Sdn Bhd – Escrow Agent for Escrow Account

  • WZ Satu Berhad – Stakeholder with Profit Guarantee

  • SKSB (MKH Berhad) – Escrow Agent for the Project Amount of the Kajang flyover project.

  • Fututech Berhad – Stakeholder for the Pledged Shares

  • The Intermark Sdn Bhd – Stakeholder for Escrow Amount from the sale and purchase of property.

  • ION Delemen Vacation Club Berhad – Escrow Agent for the Trust Funds in the Trust Accounts

  • Sharp Intuition Sdn Bhd (Marna Capital Sdn Bhd) – Custodian Trustee for peer-to-peer lending structure.

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