Other Customised Trustee Services

Other Customised Trustee Services

  • Representing and protecting the interest and rights of the Bondholders in accordance with the Trust Deed

  • Notify the Bondholders of the occurrence of any trigger event(s) and/or event of defaults as soon as the trustee becomes aware of such event(s) occurring.

  • Upon proper Bondholders’ instructions and indemnification, take such steps and/or institute such proceedings to enforce the security for the bonds/notes and to enforce repayment of the bonds/notes and payment of interest.

  • Ensure that the requisite administration and monitoring functions are carried out in a professional manner as required by the transaction documents.

  • Act as the focal point for relationships between the Bondholders and Issuers.

  • To convene Bondholders’ meetings as and when appropriate.

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