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Custodian, Stakeholder and Escrow Agent

Pacific Trustees Singapore offers custodian services for wills, documents, source codes and various important materials where such materials are kept in custody for security, confidentiality and prevention and protection of any undue damage or destruction together with prevention of falsification and tampering. Pacific Trustees Singapore also provides stakeholder services whereby it acts as an independent party which is neutral and impartial to such an arrangement and/or agreement. As Trustee, we will hold such assets such as cash, shares, documents or other assets on trust while the terms and conditions of such arrangement(s) or agreement(s) is fulfilled.

Presently, we have been appointed for variety of custodian and escrow situations. We work on transactions for a wide variety of public and private companies including smaller escrows as there is no minimum size for the quantum of funds to be held in an escrow account.

Custodian Services:

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