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Pacific Trustees Singapore has today expanded to become a vibrant trustee group in Malaysia, Labuan and Singapore. Pacific Trustees Singapore (PTS), a member of the Pacific Trustees Group International has over 4 years of experience in the corporate and individual trust.


Institutional Trustees, Private Trust Wealth Services and Corporate services


Key Locations

Institutional Trust

Institutional Trust mainly deals with capital market transactions where we provide our trust services. We also provide corporate services such as independent directors, independent share trustee, company secretary, registered office and accounting services to special purpose vehicles (SPV) through our affiliate companies.


Private Wealth

In private wealth, a private trust is where the beneficiary is private and non-charitable. This is setup for the maintenance, education and benefit of children and grandchildren. The main aim is to provide for the day-to-day needs of the beneficiaries.

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Here at Pacific Trustees Singapore (PTS), we believe in quality service to our clients  in the highest standards and providing value to our clients. With  our international team combine we are able to provide the best services  in the deep and diverse needs  of the clients in Area of Trust. 

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60, Payar Lebar Road,
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